Welcome to MaskinLeverantörerna - ML

ML is the Swedish trade association for suppliers of mobile machines.

ML is a forum for cooperation and exchange of experience, and a body for acting in common questions in the trade.
ML works for healthy and appropriate commerce. The focus lies on developing general terms of supply and counselling regarding these, compiling statistics and coordinating national trade fairs in the best interest of the members.

There is a great shortage of skilled mechanics in Sweden, in order to make the industry more attractive for young people, we co-operate with several vocational schools in Sweden in order to promote the industry and make the profession Machine Techinician more attractive. 

The member companies are suppliers or dealers for Construction equipment, Forklifts, Forest machinery, Road maintenance equipment or Agricultural machinery.

The total amount of member companies is currently 267.

The daily work is run from an administration located in Stockholm.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.